3 Months Beagle Top Facts

3 Months Old Beagle Puppy

Energetic dogs like a 3 months beagle need a lot of care. Specific attention should be paid to their size: height and weight. When your puppy is developing as needed, you see a smile on its face and a desire to play every day. He is gaining weight every day and thus his diet should be full of a special homemade food.

Owners of this dog ask how much does a beagle weight at 3 month? This is not a tough question as those who have scales must record the changes in their pet’s body every day. In this way, it is possible to find out whether they have problems. The height should be 30 sm at shoulders.

3 Month Old Beagle Weight

Representatives of the beagle breed have an excellent appetite, 3 month old beagle puppy isn’t choosy about food at all and is eager to eat whatever is offered to him. Besides, they are prone to overeating, which in turn can lead to obesity and metabolic disorders, so it is important to not overfeed your dog. And even if the puppy, having eaten his portion, continues to look at you with hungry eyes, do not follow to provocations, giving snacks from your table can be very addictive.

For a dog in such age, the diet should be gradually extended with a marine fish, raw, grated vegetables, wheat rump. It is good sometimes to give it a special food bought in stores along with what you cook yourself. The amount of times it should be feeded – 5.

Always remember to fill its bowl with a fresh water. The health of your dear friend is absolutely up to you. You are responsible for your doggies lifespan and it is easy to prolong it with some efforts and every day care.

3 Month Old Beagle

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