Advices about 4 Months Old Beagle

4 Month Old Beagle Weight

This curious and untiring dog is able to excite anyone. It’s sad face and big ears are charming, but all the course of life of your dog especially when it is 4 months old beagle needs a great attention from its owner. Many questions arise when it comes to the care including nutrition, behavior and health issues.

We advise you to be careful with a diet. It is good when you are interested in a question – how much should i feed a 4 month old beagle? At this age, it is necessary to start feeding it with more proteins and reduce an amount of meals, though the size of portions should become larger. The weight is 8-9 kg on average.

4 Month Old Beagle Size

The food of 4 month beagle should consist of slightly boiled red, white, turkey and rabbit meat. Note that pork and chicken shouldn’t be fed to your puppy. Rice, milk, buckwheat and youghurt should also be present on a daily basis.

This is the time when your pet is still flexible to what you say. 4 month old beagle behavior is good to start training it different commands. Do it with joy and good words after successful repetition of your commands. If your dog is biting, then this is one more reason to teach him to behave differently. Maybe you put its energy to another direction or train him to get what no means. Although these doggies are harmless, you have to be precautious when you teach them and play with them. You have to put a lot of efforts to make your friend healthy and change his diet, feed him with only recommended food to avoid indigestion or other problems that will take much of your time and money to solve.

4 Month Old Beagle Biting

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