All Facts About 3 Weeks Old Husky

3 Weeks Old Husky Puppies

A 3 weeks old husky is an adorable puppy that will bring joy and excitement into every family or life. It is really hard to find a person who wouldn’t like this dog but not many people know the peculiarities of their behavior and nutrition. You can often hear a 3 week old husky howling and it must be said that these puppies as well as the adult dogs are very active. If an owner does not give much exercise to this breed, it will get problems as a puppy may not obey or be too emotional and messy.

So, now we know that a 3 weeks old husky and further need a lot of activity, but it also needs a lot of discipline to obey an owner and prevent possible troubles in the future. Usually, a Siberian husky and more grown up is very friendly to people as well as to the other dogs and it can get used to a new family quite fast. But is can chase a cat or something else can easily catch its attention, so it needs to be disciplined.  A puppy howling and walking around, exercising will make it eat a lot and often.

3 Week Old Siberian Husky

So, the best diet for puppies, except for mother’s milk, may be the food which is digested easily but has got many calories. This may include some cooked oats or rice, raw beef, dairy products or some vegetables like cabbage or carrot and they must be boiled.

A 3 weeks old husky also should receive a complex of necessary vitamins to provide its healthy growth and development. Also,dogs of this breed often run away and the command – “come” should be well-known and obeyed. The pictures of these cutest pups may be seen on the internet easily and it is for sure you will want to have this small adorable creature.

3 Week Old Husky Puppies

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