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Beagle pregnancy is one of the most significant periods. For normal duration, it is better to restrain staying of the pet along with unhealthy animals, and also not to cure it with toxic substances. Don’t let the bitch contact with other dogs in order to avoid getting infected with dangerous illness. The percentage of everyday walks is limited by the state of health of the pet. Diet, notably in the next part of this stage, should be rational to avoid stomach disorders and obesity. Over the entire act, the pet may feel nausea and rejection to eat.

Average beagle pregnancy duration is 60-62 days, but the gestation may end on the 58th day or be delayed for seven days. The root of preterm labor until day 58 can be injury, latent disease, not good bitch preparedness: debilitation, extreme adiposity, its age – too young or too old.

Beagle Pregnancy Signs

Beagle pregnancy symptoms get apparent after the 29th day. The signs depend on the stage. So, until the third week, practically no changes are perceptible, rather, somnolence and lethargy. From the 33rd day the figure of the future mother starts to enlarge. The first gestation continues longer than the next ones. After the first birth the animal can act too uneasily and do not know what to do with the pups.

One of the markers of the coming delivery is the turn in the demeanor of the pet. A week before, it is getting neural, looking for a site, it can reject food. Lower body temperature is also a feature the delivery is close, so from the 57th day of the gestation, you need to monitor the dog’s temperature twice a day. Ordinary, the standard is 38.5 ° C, but 36.5-37 ° C indicates there will not be more than 24 hours until the delivery, 39 ° C shows – the pet is not well, urgently call a veterinarian.

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