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Boxer and Husky Mix Defender and Babysitter

Boxer and Siberian Husky Mix

Boxer and husky mix is a hybrid dog, which attracts people not only with its appearance, but also with its character. This breed is also called Boxsky. Running ahead of the story, it is necessary to mention that this dog took the best traits from its parents.

As a rule, boxer and siberian husky mix is an animal of a big size. Its height ranges from 50 to 90 cm and the weight is 15-32 kg. These parameters depend on the environment where the dog lives, and care you give to the pet. The general appearance of the Boxsky may vary – it may look more like a Boxer or like a Husky. Depending on the predominant genes, the ears can either be sloppy or erect. As for the coat, the metis usually inherits Boxer’s looks and coat type (brown color), but its coat may be more thick or longer as Hasky has. If the puppy is lucky it has a chance to have those nice icy blue eyes everybody adores. A black mask, sometimes with a white stripe, or blaze, running up the muzzle between the eyes is a distinctive feature of the Boxsky.Their life expectancy is about 9-13 years.

Boxer Husky Mix Life Expectancy

The owners of boxer husky mix puppies are very lucky, because these dogs are usually sweet, energetic, loyal and loving friends. They are good babysitters. Sure, as any other dogs, they need training and early socialization. They hate being left alone for a long time, otherwise they will suffer from separation anxiety. Of course, they like outdoor activities and playing, but most of all they enjoy spending time with the family, with the owner. They are great family watch dogs. It seems that they hear every noise outside and are ready to rush towards the family to protect them. They are surely good friends. The full grown animals enjoy long walks and much exercise, so they will be ready to run and have fun with them.

15 Photos of the Boxer and Husky Mix Defender and Babysitter

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