Dachshund Dental Care in Simple Words

Dachshund Teeth Problems
Dachshund Teeth ProblemsDachshund Showing TeethDachshund TeethDachshund Chattering Teeth

Dachshund dental care is an essential part of overall health. Surprisingly, not all owners are aware of it. But dogs in this area are very similar to people. Recently veterinarians highlight to pay attention […]

Dachshund Leg Problems Facts and Reasons

Dachshund Front Leg Problems
Dachshund Back Leg ProblemsMini Dachshund Leg ProblemsCan Dachshunds Have Long LegsDachshund Leg Problems Reasons

Dachshund leg problems are very common. This breed is susceptible to it due to their complexion: long body and short legs. Last have to bear, maintain considerable weight and sometimes bones and muscles fail […]

Extraordinary Beagle and Dachshund Mix

Beagle and Mini Dachshund Mix
Beagle Dachshund Mix AdoptionBeagle Dachshund Mix RescueBeagle Dachshund Mix TrainingBeagle Dachshund Mix Puppies for Adoption

Beagle and dachshund mix is a bright example of a true courageous hunter despite its small form and bizarre shapes. Their courage allows them to rush into fight with the enemy, which is bigger […]

How to Care Dachshund Pregnancy

Dachshund Pregnancy Calculator
Dachshund Phantom PregnancyDachshund Pregnancy TimeDachshund Pregnancy AgeDachshund False Pregnancy Symptoms

Dachshund pregnancy is a lovely, long hoped-for period and, of course, a pet needs attention during this time. An owner should be aware of early signs of pregnancy to detect it as soon as […]

Best Dachshund Cross Pug Breed

Dachshund Cross Breed Pug
Dachshund Cross Pug PuppiesDachshund Beagle Pug MixMini Dachshund Cross PugMiniature Dachshund Cross Pug

Dachshund cross pug is a playful pet with a unique appearance that will change your life for the better. It is not large dog, but thickset and beefy. Practically, major parts of the breed’s […]

Dachshund Dalmatian Mix Top Breed

Dachshund Dalmatian Mix Breeders
Dalmatian Dachshund Mix BreedersDachshund x DalmatianDachshund Dalmatian Mix BreedersDachshund Cross Dalmatian

Dachshund dalmatian mix is a hunter who has a friendly temper. The pluses are: affectionate, easy to care for the hair coat, likes to play, cheerful, very intelligent, devoted, smart, clever and beautiful dog, […]

Dachshund and Poodle Mix Energetic Temperament

Dachshund Poodle Mix Temperament
Dachshund Poodle Mix WhiteDachshund Poodle Mix SizeDachshund Poodle Mix PuppiesDachshund Poodle Mix Rescue

Dachshund and poodle mix is incredibly impulsive, but nevertheless obedient. This kind of breed refers to restless bells that in the absence of the owner will conscientiously guard the dwelling and drive out intruders […]

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