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Cocker Spaniel Tail Problems Causes and Treatment

Cocker Spaniel Chewing Tail

Cocker spaniel tail problems are surprisingly very often to occur. There are few common issues with it – sprain, break, dislocation of a joint, injure provoked by accidental damage (by slamming door or footing, etc.). To detect some problems related to this part of dog’s body is easy as your pet usually stops to wage his tale or does not even let you to touch it due to painful sensations. Also, you may notice some swelling. In this case, you should not ignore warning signs, but to appeal for help of professionals.

Tail docking might be a simple, single answer to avoid all these problems, but which is also controversial one. Because it is a very crucial part for a dog’s body. It serves for a balance and communication. A pet is able to show big variety of mood states (for instance, aggression, happiness, uncertainty, excitement) with help of this flexible and funny thing. Nowadays, cocker spaniel docked tail is considered as a traditional thing. It has been used on cocker spaniel throughout the history as this breed is hunter one. The reason was to prevent traumas while a dog is dashing through heavy bushes preying on a wild animal or during a flushing game.

Cocker Spaniel Puppies with Docked Tails

The procedure of eliminating a tail is naturally painful and causes stress to a pet. Process of whole healing takes time and might be problematic, because of infections or some other perils. Moreover, it has consequences on dog’s balance and gait. Some animal psychologists state that it has a significant effect on behavior. Apparently, cocker without a tail can’t use his body language successfully and with whole power. The statistic says he has doubled quantity of aggressive encounters compare to other dogs, which were not subjected to docking procedure.

Despite on all risks of docking, it still remains spread and seems inherent to this breed. Even some people may doubt if are cocker spaniels born with long tails.

Cocker Spaniel Docked Tail

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