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Common German Shepherd Eye Problems

The most widespread German shepherd eye problems may include pannus that is superficial keratitis (chronical) and its symptoms are red visional organ and it seems like they are filled with blood sometimes. Then it may be a lot of tearing from the visional organ, its clouding and other disturbing symptoms. This disease is considered to be a genetic autoimmune issue that often happens to this breed of dogs. So if your pet’s eye are red, call a doctor.

Also, pannus may affect the other dog breeds like a husky or a greyhound and they will have red eye problems. This disease is dangerous as it can hardly be treated and it can worsen vision problems a lot and lead to blindness. So, if you noticed that your dog has the following symptoms, visit a vet to solve any German shepherd eye problems that may arise in the future.

German Shepherd Puppy Vision Problems

Cataracts are also a widespread dog problems, especially adult ones. Such German shepherd dog eye problems may also be dangerous and lead to blindness or partial loss of sight. The symptoms of a cataract are visible when a dog’s eye has spots on it, is cloudy or it has some grey colour. As a rule, such German shepherd eye problems may occur with the age, as a hereditary issue or when some trauma with the vision took place. If a cataract is old and big, the vet may suggest to have some surgery to remove it.

Sometimes troubles with the sight like redness etc. may mean  allergies  eyes and this issue can not be defined without a specialist. So, the vet will find out the causes of allergy and suggest medicines or a change of the ration for a dog as some products, especially dried or artificial ones, may be a main cause for the allergy symptoms. This trouble should be solved with the help of a specialist only.

10 Photos of the Common German Shepherd Eye Problems

German Shepherd Eye Problems PannusGerman Shepherd Vision ProblemsGerman Shepherd Puppy Eye ProblemsBlack German Shepherd Red EyesGerman Shepherd Eyes are RedGerman Shepherd Red Eye ProblemsGerman Shepherd Allergies EyesWhite German Shepherd Eye ProblemsGerman Shepherd Puppy Vision Problems

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