Everethyng About Cocker Spaniel Cross Labrador

Black Labrador Cocker Spaniel Mix

Сocker spaniel cross Labrador is a unique dog, this is not a breed, but not a mongrel. These dogs will quickly and easily learn all your commands. They have high immunity to various diseases. It does not mean that the dog will never be sick. It is necessary to look after, properly feed and not forget about disease prevention.

The general principles of care for mixed breeds are regular hygiene procedures and periodic inspections. Ears, eyes and teeth should be cleaned, claws should be shortened, and wool should be combed with a brush.

Cocker Spaniel Black Lab Mix

Сocker spaniel x labrador puppies are unique, very attractive and playful enough, but that is a common characteristic of the temperament of all small puppies. Along with these typical qualities, a small pet should exhibit the following characteristics: responsiveness; tenderness; equilibrium; kindness; weasel; agility; obedience. One of the difficulties is the inability to correctly determine its future dimensions and final appearance. You may well know the size of both of its parents, but you can not be sure of anything. The best way to predict the future size of such mix is to observe the puppy’s legs. The color and texture of the coat are always unpredictable.

Сocker spaniel and labrador living together will excellently feel themselves at home. Labrador – perhaps kindest and affectionate dog in the world. Aggression is absent in it completely. These pets are exceptionally playful and mobile, very inquisitive and communicative. They easily come into contact with any person. Also, they are excellent nannies for kids. Activity, kindness and tenderness make cockers ideal dogs for a large family. Both breeds need long active walks, daily training. You should be prepared for at least two long walks a day. Compose the right diet for your pets – do not let them gain excess weight. Choose natural meat and vegetables as feed.

Cocker Spaniel x Labrador Puppies

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