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Extraordinary Beagle and Dachshund Mix

Beagle and Mini Dachshund Mix

Beagle and dachshund mix is a bright example of a true courageous hunter despite its small form and bizarre shapes. Their courage allows them to rush into fight with the enemy, which is bigger then their size.

Beagle dachshund mix temperament an unusually intelligent dog, with an easygoing and calm character. Despite their small weight, they are very mobile and energetic. Movement for them is the meaning of life.

Beagle Dachshund Mix Rescue

Beagle and dachshund mix puppies are very tender, and their state is still weak. First time in the dwelling you should form a warm and more than a quiet environment, so as not to break the personality of puppies and their fast adoption to a new sphere. Dynamic walks in the fresh air will promote satisfactory blood circulation and strengthening of all muscle groups, also it will aid to keep the appetite and provide a sound wholesome sleep. It should be remembered that the pets of this breed should be trained from the youngest age to stroll with a collar and on a leash.

A problem with the backbone can produce banal adiposity and jumping in an upright position. The breeders know that the most spread ailment with the most unfortunate result is the displacement of the intervertebral disc. To extend a strong and joyful life, you can only if you correctly take care of the pet and pay attention to it tune and demeanor. Adiposity and overweight can be a severe health poser. From the first months of life and up to the 4th it is desirable to nourish not more often than 4 times a day, starting from the fourth month to six months – no more than 3 times, and, starting with six months and until the end of life – no more than 2 times a day.

Beagle Dachshund Mix Training

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