Great Pyrenees and Husky Mix Common Information

Great Pyrenees and Siberian Husky Mix

A great Pyrenees and husky mix pet is a wonderful creature that will make any one’s life better and more interesting. The breeds of this combination have an impressive history. A Pyrenees dog was considered a favorite pet of some kings of France and it is a shepherd dog, actually. A Siberian is considered to be a very durable and strong pet which was used for riding long distances in sleds.

The combined puppies have a very beautiful appearance and stamina and intelligence of both types of the mix. As to the appearance of a great Pyrenees and husky mix pet. It may have blue, amber or brown eyes, white or black or creamy hair (very fluffy in any case as both parents have got thick hair) depending on what parent is dominant in a mix dog. As the puppy is usually very fluffy (and beautiful), when it is shedding, comb it every day to avoid too much hair on your clothes and furniture.

Great Pyrenees Husky Mix Temperament

As to the size of this magnificent great Pyrenees and husky mix it may vary from medium to large sizes as both parents are quite big. Temperament of these cute puppies and grown up dogs is very active and they need to do a lot of activity, spend more time outdoors, hiking would be an ideal way to train this pet and make it tired. If a pet of this kind doesn’t get much exercise it may start being naughty and run away to satisfy its need for activity. So, it is better when an owner gives it much walking and training.

As to the general traits of this pet, it is very friendly, calm and intelligent and it is very attached to its family. It is one of the most ideal dogs for a family. If you need more information about this interesting combination of breeds, you may find more info online or ask a professional breeder about it.

Great Pyrenees German Shepherd Husky Mix

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