Labrador Retriever Average Size and Weight Information

Labrador Retriever Average Weight at 6 Months

It is preferable, that an owner monitor labrador retriever average weight to ensure his harmonious growth process. Also, paying attention to average height. If there is no right proportion between these indications, it signifies some kind of disorders. But as a rule, you may detect some possible defects judging only by weight. Generally, labradors tend to have obesity. This problem is very spread among dogs. Without proper physical exercises they are very likely to possess extra kilos. Unfortunately, this issues does not make your pet just sweet and puffy, but entails others secondary serious illnesses such as joint problems or diabetes. Moreover, studies show, that this breed is susceptible to lack POMS gene, which is responsible for appetite regulation and stored fat. Taking all this into account, you should control your dog to be sporty and on an appropriate diet.

Average birth weight labrador retriever is 280 or 450 gr. Grammes vary, because than more puppies were given a birth, than less is their personal weight. Retriever develops fast and at 1 month already has 3.4 – 3.8 kg. At two – 7, 8 kg. At 3 month old labrador has 12, 14 kg. If your pet fits these indications, you may be happy – you have a healthy puppy. But if no, do not be in hurry to worry, all measures are approximate.

Labrador Retriever Average Weight at 6 Months

Some dogs stop to grow at age of six months, some continue and average weight of 7 month old labrador retriever is 26 -28 kg. A common height of a mature adult labrador is 54 -58 cm and he has 30 – 40 kg.

We would like to give a piece of advice not to take a puppy away from his mother earlier than 6 weeks. Otherwise, he may have problems in physical growth, may be very thin and have lack of weight. He needs to consume mother milk in order to have normal development.

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