Labrador Retriever Pregnancy Common Information

Labrador Retriever Pregnancy Calendar

Labrador retriever pregnancy is a happy sweet period, which an owner should identify than earlier than better to provide an appropriate care. Every female labrador has a fertility cycle during a year. The cycle is divided in four stages. Just during two stages, which lasts 20 days, exists probability for a dog to become pregnant. Paying some attention to the calendar an owner may count and predict possible days for conceiving and following whelping. If you do not want to deal with this math, you may just try to notice symptoms of pregnancy. And to be really sure, you may make a blood or urine test.

Labrador retriever length of pregnancy is approximately 63 days, what means 9 weeks. It may vary from individuals to individuals. Also it depends on a quantity of puppies, which labrador bears in her womb. Than more, than earlier will be a given a birth. To be more precise, duration can last from 58 to 68 days. Some veterinarians say even 56 – 70.

Labrador Retriever Gestation Length

Support and care for pregnant labrador retriever should become increased compare to usual days. A pet has requirements for an extra rest, more love (as she becomes more affectionate and sensitive) and stronger nutrition. Provide accessible fresh drinking water. Don’t make bigger meal portions. Due to internal pressure, it is better for a dog to consume smaller ones.  That is why, increase frequency of feeding starting from 4th week of pregnancy. Supply balanced nutrition with right content of proteins and fats. Better not to feed some human food such as chocolate, onion, milk, bread dough. Avoid long exhausting walks, rough physical activities, getting into the contact with unknown, unhealthy dogs in the streets. Try to provide all missing vaccinations. Monitor if there is a presence of parasites. All these measures will contribute considerably to the birth of happy, healthy puppies.

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