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How to Care Dachshund Pregnancy

Dachshund Pregnancy Problems
Dachshund Pregnancy TimeDachshund Pregnancy How Many PuppiesDachshund Pregnancy AnnouncementDachshund Pregnancy Week by Week

Dachshund pregnancy is a lovely, long hoped-for period and, of course, a pet needs attention during this time. An owner should be aware of early signs of pregnancy to detect it as soon as possible and to start to care his dog accordingly, providing proper environment. It will help to prevent any complications and contribute to the birth of happy, healthy puppies. Dachshund dog pregnancy symptoms are possible to observe already about two weeks after […]

Facts About Cocker Spaniel Skin Problems and Some Tips

Cocker Spaniel Skin Problems Itching
Cocker Spaniel Skin SoresCocker Spaniel Skin DisordersCocker Spaniel Ear Skin ProblemsCocker Spaniel Severe Skin Problems

The owners should know about possible cocker spaniel skin problems from which may suffer their lovely pet. This awareness will contribute to regular monitoring, check-ups and in-time treating. The major cause of skin problems is an allergy. Usually, this diagnosis is very difficult to confirm, but there is a suspicion, it will not be an extra or harmful measure to make a diet for your dog. Poor or unhealthy nutrition leads to weakened immune system […]

Best Dachshund Cross Pug Breed

Dachshund Cross Breed Pug
Dachshund Mixed with PugChihuahua Dachshund Pug MixDachshund Cross Breed PugDachshund Cross Pug Common Information

Dachshund cross pug is a playful pet with a unique appearance that will change your life for the better. It is not large dog, but thickset and beefy. Practically, major parts of the breed’s members are enough spirited, notably at a small age, up to 2-3 years. Hereafter they get more silent and sensible. These pets are genial, getting along well with others. Dachshund cross pug common information: they got a strong, compact structure, an […]

Cocker Spaniel Tail Problems Causes and Treatment

Cocker Spaniel Natural Tail
Cocker Spaniel Docked TailCocker Spaniel Biting TailCocker Spaniel Chewing TailCocker Spaniel Puppies with Docked Tails

Cocker spaniel tail problems are surprisingly very often to occur. There are few common issues with it – sprain, break, dislocation of a joint, injure provoked by accidental damage (by slamming door or footing, etc.). To detect some problems related to this part of dog’s body is easy as your pet usually stops to wage his tale or does not even let you to touch it due to painful sensations. Also, you may notice some […]

Facts About Beagle and German Shepherd Mix

Beagle German Shepherd Mix Personality
Beagle German Shepherd Mix PuppiesGerman Shepherd and BeagleBeagle German Shepherd Mix WeightBeagle German Shepherd Mix Size

Beagle and german shepherd mix is a hybrid designer dog, which was got as a result of mixing a purebred Beagle and a purebred German Sherped. This “breed” can be met not so often and there is not much information about its history. The person who is going to adopt such an animal should get to know more about both parent-dogs and be ready that a halfbreed may have both positive and negative character traits […]

Dachshund Dalmatian Mix Top Breed

Dachshund Cross Dalmatian
Dachshund x DalmatianDachshund Cross DalmatianDalmatian Dachshund Mix BreedersDachshund Dalmatian Mix Breeders

Dachshund dalmatian mix is a hunter who has a friendly temper. The pluses are: affectionate, easy to care for the hair coat, likes to play, cheerful, very intelligent, devoted, smart, clever and beautiful dog, good hunter, good guard, friend and companion. Dogs of mixed breeds usually have excellent health, as they got immunity from both parents. Dalmatian dachshund mix puppies are good yield to training. If training and education are started at the earliest age, […]

Cocker Spaniel Teeth Problems Taking Care

Cocker Spaniel Tooth Loss
Cocker Spaniel Teething AgeCocker Spaniel Teeth CleaningBrushing Cocker Spaniel TeethHow to Brush Cocker Spaniel Teeth

Cocker spaniel teeth problems are very spread concern of owners, as dental health is a significant part of dog’s well-being and this breed is tend to possess this kind of an issue. Some owners get aware of this tendency at the moment of discovering a teeth’s disease. In any way, than earlier you will start to pay attention to a pet’s teeth than better. There are a lot of things, which you can do at […]

Dachshund and Poodle Mix Energetic Temperament

Dachshund Poodle Mix Traits
Dachshund x Toy Poodle PuppiesDachshund Poodle Mix TraitsDachshund Cross PoodleDachshund Maltese Poodle Mix

Dachshund and poodle mix is incredibly impulsive, but nevertheless obedient. This kind of breed refers to restless bells that in the absence of the owner will conscientiously guard the dwelling and drive out intruders loud barking. They need just one long daily walk to maintain a good physical shape. As a rule, these dogs have good health, but hereditary diseases can also appear. Dachshund poodle mix puppies have short legs, typical for dachshunds, wool and […]

Cocker Spaniel Pregnancy Advices

Cocker Spaniel Pregnancy Week by Week
Cocker Spaniel False PregnancyCocker Spaniel Phantom Pregnancy Symptoms7 Week Pregnant Cocker SpanielCocker Spaniel Pregnancy Calendar

A lot of owners are concerned how to detect cocker spaniel pregnancy, because at early stages may be really difficult to define. But if you already think that your dog expects puppies, you can be more attentive and try to look for next symptoms. Abrupt decreasing in activity. It is natural for a pregnant female dog to feel reduction of energy and become more calm as she may experience exhaustion and changing of hormones level. […]

Intersting Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix

White German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix
Chihuahua German Shepherd Mix SizeChihuahua German Shepherd Mix PuppiesChihuahua Terrier German Shepherd MixChihuahua and German Shepherd

Chihuahua german shepherd mix is a hybrid dog breed, which was got as a result of a male Chihuahua crossing with a female German Shepherd. The result of crossing these two, as it may seem quite different dogs (both in temperament and appearance) is really unusual, but at the same time very interesting. German shepherd chihuahua mix has quite a fascinating appearance. The head of this dog is little and has the shape of an […]

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