Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix Variety

Beagle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mix
Beagle and Cocker Spaniel MixBeagle Cocker Spaniel Mix BlackCocker Spaniel Beagle Mix TemperamentBeagle Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix

Beagle cocker spaniel mix is a perfect hunter due to its stamina, excellent scent, perseverance, energy and hunting instinct. These dogs do not need to be taught for a long time, they are able to hunt from an early age. They are excellent companions, they are distinguished by their love for children, and they are always ready to do everything to protect them from danger. Such puppies are persistent, strong and active with a wonderful […]

Common Beagle Eye Problems Information

Beagle Health Problems Eyes
Common Beagle Eye ProblemsBeagle Eye CareBeagle Cherry Eye SurgeryBeagle Eye Infection

Beagle eye problems should be treated immediately after their detection. The most common diseases of these dogs are conjunctivitis, keratitis, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc. Pathology, in which the third eyelid slips out of its place is called – beagle cherry eye. Its name is due to a specific kind of eyeball, which really becomes like a ripe cherry. The treatment is a surgical operation, as once dropped out the eyelid will fall out again. […]

All Facts About Husky Wolf Mix

Husky Wolf Mix Behavior
Husky Wolf Mix for AdoptionHusky Wolf Mix HowlingHusky Wolf Mix PuppiesHusky Wolf Mix Behavior

Husky wolf mix is not for newcomeres, you should learn their peculiarities very well, have a lot of practice in breeding dogs and be aware of the wolf manners. Even a training costume does not rescue from their catch. These dogs inherited an extraordinary flair, which is 5-6 times higher than ordinary pets have. They able to exist a record number of years – 25-30 years. They serve at customs, in the army and in […]

Chihuahua and Husky Mix Interesting Information

Chihuahua and Husky Mix Breed
Chihuahua Dachshund Husky MixChihuahua Husky Mix BreedersChihuahua Corgi Husky MixChihuahua Husky Mix Kaufen

Chihuahua and husky mix is a result of crossing a Chihuahua with a Husky. Though it sounds strange, it is possible. Of course, it doesn’t happen naturally, but due to the in-vitro fertilization. The character and temperament of the mixed breed dog is hard to predict. Since both parental dogs are quite different, the result can be unexpectable. Usually chihuahua husky mix dogs have small or medium size. Erected ears, curled tail, and (very) short […]

All Facts About Beagle Pregnancy

Beagle Pregnancy Timeline
Beagle Pregnancy Week by WeekBeagles and Human PregnancyBeagle Pregnancy Symptoms PeriodsBeagle Pregnant Symptoms

Beagle pregnancy is one of the most significant periods. For normal duration, it is better to restrain staying of the pet along with unhealthy animals, and also not to cure it with toxic substances. Don’t let the bitch contact with other dogs in order to avoid getting infected with dangerous illness. The percentage of everyday walks is limited by the state of health of the pet. Diet, notably in the next part of this stage, […]

What to Expect from Beagle and Husky Mix

Beagle Mini Husky Mix
Beagle Husky Mix TemperamentBeagle Husky PuppiesBeagle Mini Husky MixBeagle Husky Mix Kaufen

Beagle and husky crossing presents a new breed to the world – beagle and husky mix. Sometimes such dogs are called Beaski. This hybrid breed appeared in the 1990’s for the purpose of hunting and companion. Since both parental dogs are different is size and appearance, it is very difficult to know for sure how the beagle and siberian husky mix will turn out. As a rule, it is a medium-sized dog. The height is […]

Everethyng About Cocker Spaniel Cross Labrador

Cocker Spaniel Mix Labrador
Black Labrador Cocker Spaniel MixCocker Spaniel x Labrador PuppiesCocker Spaniel and Labrador Living TogetherCocker Spaniel Labrador Mix Dog

Сocker spaniel cross Labrador is a unique dog, this is not a breed, but not a mongrel. These dogs will quickly and easily learn all your commands. They have high immunity to various diseases. It does not mean that the dog will never be sick. It is necessary to look after, properly feed and not forget about disease prevention. The general principles of care for mixed breeds are regular hygiene procedures and periodic inspections. Ears, […]

Boxer and Husky Mix Defender and Babysitter

Boxer Husky Mix Black
Boxer Husky Mix SizeBoxer Husky Mix PuppiesBoxer Husky Mix SheddingBoxer Husky Mix Life Expectancy

Boxer and husky mix is a hybrid dog, which attracts people not only with its appearance, but also with its character. This breed is also called Boxsky. Running ahead of the story, it is necessary to mention that this dog took the best traits from its parents. As a rule, boxer and siberian husky mix is an animal of a big size. Its height ranges from 50 to 90 cm and the weight is 15-32 […]

German Shepherds Tongue Infections Taking Care

German Shepherds with Black Tongues
German Shepherd Pink TongueGerman Shepherd Tongue MarkingsBlack Spot on German Shepherd TongueGerman Shepherd Tongue Spots

German shepherds tongue infections may happen to any dog in any age – from a small puppy to an aged male or female. A  pink tongue with some reddish tints is considered to be healthy and normal. The change of a colour of this important mouth organ may indicate that there are some health problems or bad conditions. If the tongue color is quite pale or even white, it is not a good sign and […]

Facts about German Shepherd Mastiff Mix to Note

German Shepherd Tibetan Mastiff Mix
German Shepherd Tibetan Mastiff MixGerman Shepherd Mastiff Mix InformationGerman Shepherd Mastiff Mix InfoGerman Shepherd Bullmastiff Mix

As you may guess, german shepherd mastiff mix is a mixed breed, which appeared as a result of crossing the German shepherd and the Mastiff. It is known to be a perfect example of a successfully bred hybrid dog. Since both parent-animals are huge ones, it is expected that their offspring will be of big size too. As a rule the height of a metis is approximately 60-70 cm, but the females are usually shorter. […]

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