Shih Tzu Pregnancy Tips

Shih Tzu Pregnancy Week 4
Shih Tzu Pregnancy TipsShih Tzu Pregnancy CalculatorShih Tzu Pregnancy Week 4Shih Tzu Pregnancy Signs

Shih tzu pregnancy is a very important moment in the life of their owners. Our pets need much more attention than usual. Some people think that the pregnancy of animals does not require any special care on their part. Many owners consider this special period is an absolutely natural process. It seems the dog could cope with everything on its own, as the whole process is created by nature itself, and we should not intervene […]

Pregnant Siberian Huskies Common Information

Siberian Husky Pregnancy Duration
Pregnant Siberian Husky PicturesSiberian Husky Pregnancy DurationSiberian Husky Pregnancy SymptomsHusky is Pregnant Duration Symptoms

Pregnant Siberian huskies usually have quite noticeable symptoms of pregnancy and you may easily define them to provide good pregnancy for your pet. How long are huskies pregnant? That is a question that only few people know and the answer to it is about sixty three days. For successful pregnancy duration, it is necessary to know the proper feeding of a dog and the peculiarities of its behavior and some changes in its physical condition. […]

What to Consider 10 Month Old German Shepherd

10 Month Old German Shepherd Training10 Month Old Male German Shepherd10 Month Old White German Shepherd10 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior

A 10 month old German shepherd is an extremely energetic, curious and even sometimes aggressive puppy which likes to investigate the world around it and does a lot of biting, messing up things, teething, mouthing, sometimes limping etc. If an owner notices that the small shepherd not eating, it may be a signal that something is wrong and the pup is ill. So, the owner should refer to the vet in this case. Speaking about […]

Some 3 Week Old German Shepherd Advices

3 Week Old White German Shepherd Puppies
3 Week Old German Shepherd PuppiesAverage Weight of 3 Week Old German Shepherd3 Week Old German Shepherd Weight3 Week Old German Shepherd Pups

3 week old german shepherd grows very quickly. During the first 10 days of their lives, puppies double their weight, and triple by three weeks. For the first month, the pets grow 4-5 times in size. Puppies of large dogs grow faster than small ones. Feeding 3 week old german shepherd puppies depends mainly on the correct nutrition of lactating bitches. In the first two weeks of newborn babies, the only food is the mother’s […]

All Facts About 3 Weeks Old Husky

3 Week Old Husky Puppy Howling
3 Week Old Husky Howling3 Week Old Siberian Husky Puppies3 Week Old Husky Pup3 Week Old Husky Puppy Howling

A 3 weeks old husky is an adorable puppy that will bring joy and excitement into every family or life. It is really hard to find a person who wouldn’t like this dog but not many people know the peculiarities of their behavior and nutrition. You can often hear a 3 week old husky howling and it must be said that these puppies as well as the adult dogs are very active. If an owner […]

7 Weeks Old German Shepherd Facts to Note

7 Week Old Sable German Shepherd
7 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Biting7 Week Old Sable German ShepherdFeed 7 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy7 Week Old German Shepherd Training

A  7 weeks old German shepherd is a cute puppy which is starting to separate from its mother and eat the other food except for mother’s milk. So, the owner should be ready to provide a small dog with the proper food that will allow it grow fast, healthily and actively and do a lot of biting. Puppies are creatures that always want to find out about new things and they behave actively most of […]

Interesting About 1 Year Old German Shepherd

1 Year Old German Shepherd Hip Dysplasia
1 Year Old German Shepherd Size1 Year Old German Shepherd Puppy1 Year Old German Shepherd Dog1 Year Old German Shepherd Aggressive

1 year old german shepherd is easy to learn and train. It has already a strong constitution and developed musculature. The weight of an adult male should be in the range of 35 to 40 kg, the height is 63 – 65 cm. The female is less in size – from 25 to 32 kg, and at the withers reaches 60 cm. The most common colors are black and pale. If you follow recommendations for […]

6 Month Old German Shepherd Facts to Note

6 Month Old German Shepherd Diarrhea
6 Month Old German Shepherd Food6 Month Old German Shepherd Limping6 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior6 Month Old German Shepherd Weight

6 month old German shepherd usually is a very cute and extremely active puppy that studies the environment around it and, of course such a small energetic creature needs a lot of vitamins, minerals and the other necessary nutrients to grow big and healthy. Their food may start to include small pieces of bones, cut animal liver or raw eggs, as from these types of food the pup will receive the vitamins which can not […]

Awesome 9 Week Old German Shepherd

9 Week Old Sable German Shepherd
9 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Ears9 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy Training9 Week Old German Shepherd Neck Size9 Week Old German Shepherd Puppy

9 week old german shepherd is very temperamental. At this early age, it is essential to do the first inoculations and to take the babies from their mothers. The weight ranges from 6-9 kg, and the height is about 33-37 cm. Intensive growth begins during this period: the paws become long, the joints thicken considerably. But walking is possible only after all the required vaccinations. If you decide to feed your pet with ordinary foods, […]

Important About 3 Month German Shepherds

3 Month German Shepherd Puppy Biting
3 Month German Shepherd Ears3 Month German Shepherd Training3 Month German Shepherd Female3 Month German Shepherd Puppy Biting

3 month German shepherds are quite active puppies that are becoming almost separated from their mother and they stay active most of the day, so an owner needs to pay special attention to the dog’s food, so it could get the best nutrition for growth and health. Both female and male puppies need to be fed properly from four to two times a day. If it is not possible to feed your small pet four […]

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