Pug Cross Shi Zu What to Consider

Pug Shih Tzu Mix Full Grown

It should be mentioned that a pug cross shih zu dog is not a breed in a full sense of this word but just a cross breed or mix. These cute small dogs are a mix of a shih zu and a pug, so some people name this cross breed – pug zu.

This cross breed usually has a tiny size and it does not normally grow more than twelve inches high and the full grown dog’s weight rarely increases 22 pounds. So, despite the fact that its puppies are extremely cute and adorable, these dogs usually can easily live in a flat, they don’t need much space and food. They may be black, white or yellow-brown in colour.

Pug x Shih Tzu

When talking about the appearance of these mix puppies, they usually have features of both breeds – pug’s big black spot on its face, sometimes the pups may be spotty or have uniform colouring. Also, their hair length may vary from short to medium length – more like shih zu’s hair. But rarely someone can resist pug cross shih zu’s charm and fluffy beauty.

Basically, life span of this cross breed fluctuates from 9 up to 14 years and it is considered to be of an average length for such little dogs. Often, these half pug half shih zu dogs tend to acquire respiratory problems or problems with eyes, like a dry eye etc. So, it is better they would have a vet check every year to prevent future health issues and it is desirable to have information about health of their ancestors.

As to their temperament, these pups or grown dogs are usually very loving and friendly to people and the other breeds. They are usually in a good mood and like to play and kiss. This makes a pug cross shih zu an adorable pet for almost each home, but it doesn’t make it an excellent guardian.

Pug Cross Shih Tzu Full Grown

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