Common Beagle Eye Problems Information

Beagle Health Problems Eyes
Beagle Eye InfectionBeagle Cherry Eye SurgeryCommon Beagle Eye ProblemsBeagle Puppy Eye Problems

Beagle eye problems should be treated immediately after their detection. The most common diseases of these dogs are conjunctivitis, keratitis, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc. Pathology, in which the third eyelid slips out of […]

German Shepherds Tongue Infections Taking Care

Color of German Shepherd Tongue
German Shepherd Tongue SpotsGerman Shepherd Tongue MarkingsGerman Shepherd Pink TongueBlack Spot on German Shepherd Tongue

German shepherds tongue infections may happen to any dog in any age – from a small puppy to an aged male or female. A  pink tongue with some reddish tints is considered to be […]

Advices about Beagle Dog Skin Problems

Beagle Itchy Red Skin
Beagle Skin ProblemBeagle Itchy Red SkinBeagle Skin InfectionBeagle Skin Disease

Beagle dog skin problems can be caused by various diseases. When your dog got such problems, you start to look for advice on the Internet and forums, it is better not to start self-medicating […]

Common German Shepherd Eye Problems

German Shepherd Allergies EyesGerman Shepherd Eyes are RedWhite German Shepherd Eye Problems

The most widespread German shepherd eye problems may include pannus that is superficial keratitis (chronical) and its symptoms are red visional organ and it seems like they are filled with blood sometimes. Then it […]

Dry Skin on German Shepherd – Some Advices

Dry Itchy Skin German Shepherd
Dry Skin on German Shepherd EarsDry Skin on German Shepherd PuppySevere Dry Skin German ShepherdDry Itchy Skin German Shepherd

Dry skin on German shepherd is one of the problems that happen quite often. Despite shedding a lot as their hair is very thick, these dogs have two layers of coat. Their upper coating […]

Everethyng about Shih Tzu Eye Problems that You Should Know

Shih Tzu Cloudy Eye Problems
Shih Tzu Eye DischargeShih Tzu Cloudy Eye ProblemsShih Tzu Bulging Eye ProblemsShih Tzu Eye Problems Red

Shih tzu eye problems may be caused by trauma or inflammation of the eyeball, in some cases, it may even lead to its loss. In this situation, you should urgently run to a veterinarian. […]

Info About Some Shih Tzu Skin Problems

Shih Tzu Skin Care
Shih Tzu Skin Problems How to CureShih Tzu Skin Problems Black SpotsShih Tzu Itchy SkinShih Tzu Skin Problems Treatment

Shih tzu skin problems are becoming increasingly common. Shih Tzu could be a good friend and a companion both for large families with kids and for single people. That breed is well-known for its […]

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