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Dachshund Leg Problems Facts and Reasons

Dachshund Front Leg Problems

Dachshund leg problems are very common. This breed is susceptible to it due to their complexion: long body and short legs. Last have to bear, maintain considerable weight and sometimes bones and muscles fail to perform this function. Owners should monitor paws of their pets carefully to assure their good health state. Luxating patella is one of the most common illness, which affects dachshunds. It damages knees, provides pain It might be very dangerous as may provoke permanent lameness. If you notice that a dog pulling his rare paws or extends them behind rarely, can’t bend them completely, make an urgent visit to a vet clinic.

The second common disease is torn ligament. The main symptoms are sudden limping and swelling of knee area. Dog may avoid stepping on a leg. Allergy is another adversity, which may encounter dog’s paw pads. It is not so serious as a kneecap damage, but may cause a considerable disturbance. It provokes a dog to lick and chew a foot constantly. However, treatment here is easier and takes less time and efforts.

Dachshund Hind Leg Problems

Dachshund leg problems reasons can be different. Obesity is one of them. Weight increases pressure on legs and knees. A digest dysfunction also can be an underlying cause. Inner misbalance provokes shortage of calcium, minerals; flexibility and smoothness of joints, strength of bones deteriorate. A lack of physical activities entails weak muscles, which not successfully can maintain skeleton structure. Try to provide exercises, long walks and funny sport games to your pet to him stronger. High quality nutrition will serve for the healthy bones and will charge a dog with power to dash through lawns chasing a butterfly.

If you wonder can dachshunds have long legs to avoid all difficulties above? Length can vary as individuals. Longer legs really happen, but it is more an exception from genetic rules of this breed.

Dachshund Leg Problems Reasons

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