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8 Week Old Imperial Shih Tzu

8 weeks old shih tzu develop quickly, smells everything, tastes and gnaws. So that the puppies not spoil your furniture, shoes and other things of the interior, provide them with various toys. It can be different rubber bones, cast balls that can not destroy teeth. It is very good to give a puppy for playing toys made of latex.

8 week old maltese shih tzu is small in size, the muscles and ligaments are weak, the weight is around from 3.85 to 6.90 kg. You should avoid climbing the stairs up to five months, this will help avoid bending the bones of the forearm and other various injuries. It is advisable to lower and raise the puppy in your hands. It is necessary to take the baby in your arms in order to do this. The care includes a complex of measures: bathing, cleaning of ears and teeth, cutting of claws, plucking of hairs from ears, combing out of wool and feeding schedule. After purchasing, the first weeks, it is recommended to use the same food as the previous owner and gradually include other products.

8 Week Old Shih Tzu Food

The sleeping place should be soft, thick, comfortable and spacious. The sleeper should be kept clean, for this you need to have several removable covers, pillowcases, covers that will be replaced with clean ones as they become contaminated. It’s nice to have two or three beddings.

8 week old shih tzu puppy training is a consistent process and can take several years. It is very important to understand how often you need to walk with your pet. Until the age of 7 months the dog should feel completely free in the street. Learning the basic commands is very significant, because the dog needs to understand some words that you say, otherwise you will not be able to find a common language. When the dog turns 12 weeks old, train it to sit, lie, “to me”, etc.

8 Week Old Shih Tzu Biting

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