Everethyng about Shih Tzu Eye Problems that You Should Know

Shih Tzu Dry Eye Problems

Shih tzu eye problems may be caused by trauma or inflammation of the eyeball, in some cases, it may even lead to its loss. In this situation, you should urgently run to a veterinarian. Daily inspection and proper care will help to avoid such problems in your pet. Experienced breeders recommend wiping your dog only with special lotions. It is therefore essential to act quickly upon the first symptoms and use special ophthalmic ointments and drops. Well, as an owner you should prevent a dog fight and avoid strong jerking leashes as it can lead to injuries and dislocations of the eyeball.

Shih tzu eye infection can be due to viruses, allergies or bacteria that hit the organism of your dog. Early recognition and timely intervention can prevent huge issues as bulging or blindness. In any case, it is better to consult a veterinarian in order to provide a correct treatment and procedures. Conjunctivitis visually can be noticed by changing the color of the eye protein from gently pink to red. As a rule, conjunctivitis is accompanied by increased tearing, later swelling of the lids and the appearance of purulent discharge.

Shih Tzu Eye Problems Treatment

Cataract is a disease that can occur in animals older than 8 years. As a rule, the appearance of this disease is inherited genetically. The first signs of cataract can be cloudy of the lens of the eye. As a rule, the methods of treatment of this disease are surgical. The earlier the disease was fixed, the more chances for successful treatment of your pet.

Shih tzu eye drops are appointed for washing the damaged part with injuries, prevention, and treatment of conjunctivitis, keratitis and etc. For the “red eye” in dogs, it is recommended one drop of medicine. In chronic diseases, drops are applied from two to six times a day, and in acute cases, from eight to ten.

Shih Tzu Eye Problems Symptoms

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