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Shih Tzu Skin Problems Allergies

Shih tzu skin problems are becoming increasingly common. Shih Tzu could be a good friend and a companion both for large families with kids and for single people. That breed is well-known for its good health and is on the list of long-livers. But still, they have problems too. The causes of diseases can be: incorrect and inferior nutrition, environmental problems, stress and sedentary lifestyle, connection with infected animals.

If you notice any changes in your dog’s skin like: black spots, bumps, scabs or hair loss, you should immediately go to a veterinary clinic. Then, a doctor will conduct a full diagnosis of the disease; take appropriate skin tests and blood tests before prescribing treatment. Diseases of the skin in dogs are dangerous for animals and humans. It is significant to provide medical assistance to your pet in time.

Shih Tzu Skin Care

Some reasons for shih tzu itchy skin: food, an allergy, fleas. One of the first signs of an allergy is reddened hair on the muzzle. It can be caused by the rejection of any component of the food or abundance of proteins in the stern. Adequate nutrition is the basis of pet’s health. It is important to support the functioning of its immune system at the proper level. Among allergens also can be: any shampoo, an anti-block collar or medicament preparations.

Often dog diseases are associated with improper maintenance and care. So, shih tzu skin care is in the first place. You should regularly treat your pet with special means against fleas, ticks and other diseases. If the animal is infected with parasites and cured, do not forget to disinfect its sleeper and bowls for feeding. Preventive vaccination is disease prevention. If the animal participates in exhibitions, it should be regularly vaccinated. As a rule, such diseases of dogs are contagious. At the first symptoms of infection, the animal should be isolated from others.

Shih Tzu Skin Problems How to Cure

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