9 Week Beagle Taking Care

How Big are Beagles at 9 Weeks
How Much Should a Beagle Weigh at 9 Weeks9 Week Beagle Puppy Weight9 Week Old Beagle Puppy9 Week Old Beagle Puppy Weight

A happy dog is a healthy dog. The biggest care is needed when your pet is still growing like 9 week beagle. Its young body forms bones and habits that will follow your friend […]

3 Months Beagle Top Facts

3 Months Old Beagle Puppy
3 Month Beagle SizeFeeding a 3 Month Old Beagle3 Months Old Beagle PuppyFood for 3 onths Beagle

Energetic dogs like a 3 months beagle need a lot of care. Specific attention should be paid to their size: height and weight. When your puppy is developing as needed, you see a smile […]

Advices about 4 Months Old Beagle

Average Beagle Weight 4 Months
Average Beagle Weight 4 Months4 Month Old Beagle BehaviorHow Big are Beagles at 4 Months4 Month Old Beagle Weight

This curious and untiring dog is able to excite anyone. It’s sad face and big ears are charming, but all the course of life of your dog especially when it is 4 months old […]

Fantastic 6 Month Beagle Puppy

6 Month Old Beagle Puppy
6 Month Old Beagle TrainingHow Big are Beagles at 6 Months6 Month Old Beagle Puppy6 Month Old Beagle Biting

In the childhood, beagles are subjected to dangers of the outer world and proper care becomes a very big deal. 6 month beagle puppy needs very big attention in order to grow a big, […]

Extraordinary Beagle and Dachshund Mix

About Dachshund Beagle Mix
Beagle and Weiner Dog MixBeagle and Dachshund Mix CalledBeagle Dachshund Mix Health ProblemsBeagle Dachshund Mix Personality

Beagle and dachshund mix is a bright example of a true courageous hunter despite its small form and bizarre shapes. Their courage allows them to rush into fight with the enemy, which is bigger […]

Facts About Beagle and German Shepherd Mix

Beagle German Shepherd Mix Temperament
Beagle German Shepherd Mix PersonalityBeagle and German Shepherd Mix PuppiesGerman Shepherd Beagle MixBeagle German Shepherd Mix Weight

Beagle and german shepherd mix is a hybrid designer dog, which was got as a result of mixing a purebred Beagle and a purebred German Sherped. This “breed” can be met not so often […]

Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix Variety

Beagle and Brittany Spaniel Mix
Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix for AdoptionBeagle Lab Cocker Spaniel MixBeagle Cocker Spaniel Mix BlackBeagle Cocker Spaniel Mix Welpen

Beagle cocker spaniel mix is a perfect hunter due to its stamina, excellent scent, perseverance, energy and hunting instinct. These dogs do not need to be taught for a long time, they are able […]

Common Beagle Eye Problems Information

Common Beagle Eye Problems
Common Beagle Eye ProblemsBeagle Cherry Eye SurgeryBeagle Eye DiseasesBeagle Vision Problems

Beagle eye problems should be treated immediately after their detection. The most common diseases of these dogs are conjunctivitis, keratitis, cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment, etc. Pathology, in which the third eyelid slips out of […]

All Facts About Beagle Pregnancy

Beagles and Human Pregnancy
Beagle Pregnancy PeriodBeagles Pregnancy and BirthBeagle Pregnancy CalculatorBeagle Pregnancy Symptoms

Beagle pregnancy is one of the most significant periods. For normal duration, it is better to restrain staying of the pet along with unhealthy animals, and also not to cure it with toxic substances. […]

What to Expect from Beagle and Husky Mix

Beagle Husky Mix Characteristics
Beagle Mini Husky MixBeagle Husky PuppiesBeagle Shepherd Husky MixBeagle Lab Husky Mix

Beagle and husky crossing presents a new breed to the world – beagle and husky mix. Sometimes such dogs are called Beaski. This hybrid breed appeared in the 1990’s for the purpose of hunting […]

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