9 Week Beagle Taking Care

Beagle Puppies at 9 Weeks Old

A happy dog is a healthy dog. The biggest care is needed when your pet is still growing like 9 week beagle. Its young body forms bones and habits that will follow your friend when he will completely grow up. That is why it is very inportant to provide a beagle with all needed things such as your constant attention, proper diet and, of course, your love.

Undoubtedly, you have to know the proportions of your puppy. Height and weight are substantial, as they should constantly change. If your pet is a healthy one, its size will change according to some average numbers for this breed. Any deviation should make you think over your strategy of treatment and feeding to turn back to the normal course of development. So, how big are beagles at 9 weeks? At 2 months age, the pup should weigh approximately between 2,5-3,5 kilos (5,5-7,7 lb). However, every week it will gain more and more weight, so you can compare his individual results with a chart available on the web.

9 Week Beagle Puppy Weight

The food you give to him is the foundation for years of healthy life. As your puppy is constantly changing, you should feed him several times a day. Instead, you will see how energetic and joyful he is. With time, the amount of meals needs to be reduced. However, you better call for advice to a vet, as some people recommend to feed it 3 times a day at such age. Others will tell you to feed your 9 week old beagle pup 5 or even 6 times a day. If you have too many questions, don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian as often as you need. Your wish to grow a dog properly will always be only praised.

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