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Doberman Mixed Husky

A doberman husky mix is a lovely cross breed which combines good traits of both sides. A Siberian is a famous sled dog which has been used in Siberia for a long time for transferring people in the snow. It is usually very friendly and it often has blue eyes, people love to have this kind of pet as it is very cute, fluffy, beautiful and not aggressive. Unlike this fluffy dog, a pinscher is considered to be a good bloodhound, watch dog and it may be quite aggressive but it is very clever.

A cross of these dogs creates a pleasant kind of a pet which may have the traits of both dogs and it may often have blue eyes.  The doberman husky mix puppies are usually about the same weight and size as their parents but they may be fluffier like a Siberian or more aggressive, especially with hamsters, rats or kittens, like a pinscher, but they are usually friendly with its family people. A doberman and husky mix is sometimes hard to predict in appearance as its parents differ. A pinscher Siberian breeding is profitable as Siberians or Alaskans are usually very strong and endure a lot of physical activity and in combination with the pinscher it even doubles its stamina. Despite this fact, combined puppies are so cute and easy to train.

Doberman Siberian Husky Mix

A doberman husky mix’s temperament is quite lively and it is not dangerous for children but it can be trained as a guard dog if it is necessary. The info on possible health issues may be found on the internet easily, but usually these dogs may have eye problems or issues with hips and elbows. Despite a popular doberman husky mix, there are other cross breedings that may be met. They may be a doberman shepherd husky mix or husky doberman white shepherd mix and they are all quite interesting blends of pets with their own advantages.

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