9 Week Beagle Taking Care

How Big are Beagles at 9 Weeks
9 Week Beagle Puppy Weight9 Week Old Beagle Pup9 Week Old Beagle WeightBeagle Puppies at 9 Weeks Old

A happy dog is a healthy dog. The biggest care is needed when your pet is still growing like 9 week beagle. Its young body forms bones and habits that will follow your friend […]

3 Months Beagle Top Facts

3 Month Old Beagle Weight
3 Month Old Beagle PuppyFeeding a 3 Month Old BeagleBeagle Size at 3 Months3 Month Beagle Size

Energetic dogs like a 3 months beagle need a lot of care. Specific attention should be paid to their size: height and weight. When your puppy is developing as needed, you see a smile […]

Advices about 4 Months Old Beagle

4 Month Old Beagle Weight
4 Month Old Beagle WeightHow Big are Beagles at 4 Months4 Month Old Beagle PuppyAverage Beagle Weight 4 Months

This curious and untiring dog is able to excite anyone. It’s sad face and big ears are charming, but all the course of life of your dog especially when it is 4 months old […]

Fantastic 6 Month Beagle Puppy

6 Month Old Beagle Biting
How Big are Beagles at 6 Months6 Month Old Beagle Biting6 Month Beagle Weight6 Month Old Beagle

In the childhood, beagles are subjected to dangers of the outer world and proper care becomes a very big deal. 6 month beagle puppy needs very big attention in order to grow a big, […]

6 Month Old Labrador Retriever Variety

Labrador Retriever Puppies 6 Months
6 Months Old Golden RetrieverLabrador Retriever Size at 6 MonthsLabrador Retrievers 6 Month Old Lab Behaviour6 Month Old Golden Retriever Puppy Weight

It doesn’t matter how many books you have read about dogs, real life is full of surprises as long as you have a 6 month old labrador retriever. This wonderful dog is a faithful […]

Independent 8 Weeks Old Shih Tzu

8 Week Old Shih Tzu with Fleas
8 Week Old Shih Tzu Puppy8 Week Old Shih Tzu no Teeth8 Week Old Shih Tzu WeightShih Tzu at 8 Weeks

8 weeks old shih tzu develop quickly, smells everything, tastes and gnaws. So that the puppies not spoil your furniture, shoes and other things of the interior, provide them with various toys. It can […]

All Facts About 6 Weeks Old Shih Tzu

6 Week Old Shih Tzu Constipated
6 Week Old Shih Tzu PupFeeding 6 Week Old Shih Tzu PuppyWhat Should I Feed My 6 Week Old Shih TzuMaltese Cross Shih Tzu 6 Weeks Old

6 weeks old shih tzu is highly active, curious and playful. The breed is called a chrysanthemum due to the fact its hair on the face reminds the flower of the same name. You […]

Dry Skin on German Shepherd – Some Advices

Dry Itchy Skin German Shepherd
Dry Flaky Skin on German ShepherdDry Skin on German Shepherd PuppyDry Skin German Shepherd DogsDry Itchy Skin German Shepherd

Dry skin on German shepherd is one of the problems that happen quite often. Despite shedding a lot as their hair is very thick, these dogs have two layers of coat. Their upper coating […]

4 Months Old Shih Tzu Taking Care

4 Month Old Shih Tzu Troubleshooting
4 Month Old Shih Tzu BehaviorShih Tzu at 4 Months4 Month Old Shih Tzu Pup4 Month Old Shih Tzu Troubleshooting

4 months old shih tzu is a great friend. These dogs have an amazing ability to understand what their host needs. They do not show aggression even in relation to outsiders, they are attached […]

Common 5 Month Old Huskies Information

5 Month Old Husky Biting
5 Month Old Siberian Husky5 Month Old Husky Pictures5 Month Old Husky Biting5 Month Old Siberian Husky Puppy

5 month old huskies can be a source of inexhaustible happiness, but also a source of some worries, because a little puppy is gradually converting to an independent dog from a small curled fluffy […]

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