How to Care Dachshund Pregnancy

Dachshund Pregnancy Care

Dachshund pregnancy is a lovely, long hoped-for period and, of course, a pet needs attention during this time. An owner should be aware of early signs of pregnancy to detect it as soon as possible and to start to care his dog accordingly, providing proper environment. It will help to prevent any complications and contribute to the birth of happy, healthy puppies.

Dachshund dog pregnancy symptoms are possible to observe already about two weeks after copulation. Nipples becomes darker and bigger. Morning sickness may take place. Dog’s behavior is changing, usually it is getting to be more affectionate.  Dachshund may gain weight, but it is not always obvious and sure symptom. To know exactly is better to make a checkup and blood test at a vet clinic, it will justify your suspicions or will bring opposite news. Even very experienced owners, who have dealt with plenty of pregnancy cases of their dogs, can’t identify it for sure just with visible signs.

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The main in dachshund pregnancy care is nutrition. Normally, pregnancy lasts 63-65 weeks. Some dachshund, who carries a lot of puppies, gives a birth earlier. After 6 weeks a demand of dog’s organism for high protein will increase. An abdomen will grow noticeably. The portion should be 50 percent bigger than before a conceiving. Also, you may feed your dog more frequently. The food should be of good quality. If you add some supplements to the dachshund diet, read description if it does not have warnings for this condition. Take a notice, that even better feeding will be needed after whelping. Because puppies extract a lot of elements together with milk from mother’s organism.

At final days dog might reject food, be less active and body temperature will drop down, what is pretty natural and not a reason for worries.

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