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Dachshund Dalmatian Mix Top Breed

Dachshund x Dalmatian

Dachshund dalmatian mix is a hunter who has a friendly temper. The pluses are: affectionate, easy to care for the hair coat, likes to play, cheerful, very intelligent, devoted, smart, clever and beautiful dog, good hunter, good guard, friend and companion. Dogs of mixed breeds usually have excellent health, as they got immunity from both parents.

Dalmatian dachshund mix puppies are good yield to training. If training and education are started at the earliest age, then half-breeds can achieve results that exceed the original breeds. Knowing the peculiarities of the parents, a professional cynologist can develop the necessary qualities in a puppy. Walking on the street the dogs can absolutely calmly communicate with other dogs.

Dachshund x Dalmatian

Dachshund cross dalmatian has a balanced character and are not aggressive. Their ingenuity helps to memorize a lot of commands and execute them according to their understanding. This is not a robot dog, which will do everything that you require of it. It will go to the task thoughtfully and find its own solution. These pets do not fit for protection. Congenital friendliness of the pet will not allow him to show aggression towards a stranger.

Care for these dogs is simple enough. Several times a week the pet needs to be combed with a soft brush. They practically do not smell. Every couple of weeks you need to clean the dog’s ears and check its teeth. In severe frost, do not leave the pet for long on the street – during long walks, there is a danger of frostbitten tender ears. Depending on the age of the dog, its constitution and appetite, the amount of food should be different. Some owners trust only the factory feed, considering it more convenient and balanced. Others use only natural food, making their own menu.

Dachshund and Dalmatian Mix

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