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Facts About Beagle and German Shepherd Mix

Beagle and German Shepherd Mix Puppies

Beagle and german shepherd mix is a hybrid designer dog, which was got as a result of mixing a purebred Beagle and a purebred German Sherped. This “breed” can be met not so often and there is not much information about its history. The person who is going to adopt such an animal should get to know more about both parent-dogs and be ready that a halfbreed may have both positive and negative character traits of its parents.

The genes of both parent-dogs play an important role in the appearance of their offspring. Depending on the size of the parents (small Beagle and large German Shepherd), the size of a beagle mixed with a german shepherd can vary greatly, but as a rule it is a medium-sized animal. Usually the height is about 38-60 cm and the weight is 10-22. Most of them have drop ears, which are not floppy. The length of their dense coat can vary from short to medium one. With a medium to long muzzle with a black nose and almond shaped dark eyes they look like loyal friends, who deserve to be trusted. Their lifespan is in average 10-14 years.

German Shepherd and Beagle

As well as the appearance, the temperament of german shepherd beagle mix is also the reflection of its parents. So, commonly it is an intelligent, friendly, playful and energetic and courageous dog. If you are an active person and do not like staying indoors, this dog will be your perfect companion, because it enjoys playing, walking and running.To prevent boredom, they should be provided with chew and interactive toys.They are very loyal to their owner and will protect their family if needed. Good watch dogs. They surely need good training and early socializing while being puppies.If the dogs socialized properly, they will do well with children, though it is not recommended to leave a baby with it unsupervised.

Having this dog you should be ready for its shedding. So, it needs regular brushing at least several times a week. Monthly bathing is also necessary. Don’t forget to trim their nails every month. Checking and cleaning the ears to prevent infection is of great importance. Brushing teeth on a regular basis to avoid dental problems is also needed.

In general, the personality of the dog is friendly and loyal and you will not regret having such a friend.

Pitbull Beagle German Shepherd Mix

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