What to Expect from Beagle and Husky Mix

Beagle Husky Mix Information

Beagle and husky crossing presents a new breed to the world – beagle and husky mix. Sometimes such dogs are called Beaski. This hybrid breed appeared in the 1990’s for the purpose of hunting and companion.

Since both parental dogs are different is size and appearance, it is very difficult to know for sure how the beagle and siberian husky mix will turn out. As a rule, it is a medium-sized dog. The height is 40-55 cm and the weight is 15-20 kg. The Beaski looks very adorable with its dark nose and almond shaped eyes (usually such colors as hazel, blue, amber, brown). They have an alert look. Their floppy ears are of a triangular form. These animals are well-built and strong with muscular legs. The coat of the dog is usually of normal density. It may be short to normal. Among the possible colors of the coat there are: black, brown, gray, red, cream, fawn, white, sable and some others. The average lifespan is about 11-15 years.

Beagle Husky Mix Info

Beagle husky puppies have wonderful characteristics. These creatures are friendly, playful, good-natured, curious and intelligent. It is not reported about their aggressive behaviour. They get on well with people and other animals. But at the same time, despite their soft and open character they can be great watch dogs and protect the family if trained and socialized properly. No one can stay indifferent to the temperament of this animal. They are faithful and obedient Though sometimes they may be stubborn, early socialization and training will help to cope with it. Because of large amount of energy, this dog needs much exercise, walking and playing. Since they are so intelligent and love playing, it’s important to provide them both physical and mental exercises every day.

The information about the care includes the following: grooming (depending on shedding and type of coat), brushing several times a week, bathing when needed, cleaning the ears, trimming the nails if required and brushing teeth once a week.

In general, this dog will be a great friend for your family and bring you a lot of joy and happiness.

Beagle Husky Mix Info

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