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Best Dachshund Cross Pug Breed

Miniature Dachshund Cross Pug

Dachshund cross pug is a playful pet with a unique appearance that will change your life for the better. It is not large dog, but thickset and beefy. Practically, major parts of the breed’s members are enough spirited, notably at a small age, up to 2-3 years. Hereafter they get more silent and sensible. These pets are genial, getting along well with others.

Dachshund cross pug common information: they got a strong, compact structure, an impressive head, huge eyes, a tail twisted into a ring. Along with this, this mix has an elongated trunk and short legs. A typical feature is a good-natured character. They can find a common language with each members of the family. Second plus is the hypoallergenic hair coat. The fur is sleek and short, looking shiny. The tone of fur has the next diversities: russet, silvery, apricot and dark. The height of male is 30-35 cm, mass 6-10 kg; the scale of a bitch is 25-30 cm, mass – 6-8 kg. The treatment involves regular rubbing of the mug and folds on the nose.

Dachshund Cross Breed Pug

These pets require specific care, but there is nothing complicated in this, and care takes not much time. Attention is demanded by wool, claws on the paws, which are cut once every two weeks, ears and eyes that are sometimes wiped off by mucus. Better not walk with them in high grass or in dusty terrain.

Dachshunds cross pug puppies need to be taught to cleanliness, gradually instilling in them the habit of going to the toilet on the street. Miniature pets like to walk, so do not sit with them constantly at home. Simultaneously, it is impossible to overload dogs with long-running and physical exercises. Loving, gentle, not too demanding dogs, they are good for owners without any experience of keeping dogs, and for more experienced owners.

Dachshund Cross Breed Pug

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