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Facts about German Shepherd Mastiff Mix to Note

German Shepherd English Mastiff Mix

As you may guess, german shepherd mastiff mix is a mixed breed, which appeared as a result of crossing the German shepherd and the Mastiff. It is known to be a perfect example of a successfully bred hybrid dog.

Since both parent-animals are huge ones, it is expected that their offspring will be of big size too. As a rule the height of a metis is approximately 60-70 cm, but the females are usually shorter. The weight of this dog varies depending on the predominant genes, lifestyle and nutrition of the dog. But anyway, do not expect it to be less than 36 kg (usually more) in weight. Among the distinctive features of the dog it is necessary to mention a massive body, large paws, big snout and pendent ears. The color usually varies from red or black to light hues (silver or sandy). The length of its coat is short or medium. The coat is dense. A person, who is going to adopt such a pet, should be ready for seasonal and occasionally even constant shedding. German shepherd mastiff mix lifespan is about ten-thirteen years. This depends on different prevailing factors.

German Shepherd French Mastiff Mix

The temperament of the dog above discussion is active and energetic. This animal is faithful and smart. Of course as any other dogs, they need training while being puppies to be calm and controllable, otherwise they may show aggression. Proper training and socializing will help to make them good defenders, protecting their family and household. Training should be started not later that 1-1,5 year – it is a period, when a german shepherd and mastiff mix builds its character. A well-behaved full grown animal does well with children and other animals.

As for the health of these dogs, hips and elbow dysplasia are their common problems. But with the right health care you can control this.

Regular brushing, bathing once in several weeks, nail clipping, cleaning of ears is necessary on a regular basis.

English Mastiff German Shepherd Mix

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