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Facts About Two Months Old Shih Tzu

2 Months Old Shih Tzu Bath

Two months old shih tzu already сonnects well with people, and also it must be vaccinated. The nature of these dogs is characterized by independence and freedom-loving. They easily go to contact with family members, even with strangers. These puppies usually show an easy-going and cheerful nature. It is necessary to designate a place for sleep and rest for the pet. These dogs do not like loneliness and try all time to be close to their owners. Do not forget about toys for cute doggies, as well as about a bowl for water and food. Dogs of this breed are very active, but they do not require long daily walks.

2 month old shih tzu care is a guarantor of health, good mood, and longevity. A white-toothed smile, elastic shiny hair, great height and weight, playfulness – a sure sign of good health. During the third month, portions of food for the puppies should be increased, the number of feedings – from four to five times per day. The very first product for a small puppy is milk. You can try to treat it with yogurt, but it is necessary to track the reaction to the proposed sour-milk product. Then it is time for porridge. Porridge should be boiled in milk, sometimes you can add to the menu rice, buckwheat, vitamins, chicken, rabbit or beef boiled meat.

2 Months Old Shih Tzu Rabies

2 months old shih tzu behavior is characterized by actively exploring of the surrounding space. It is necessary to provide puppies with the opportunity to move and develop freely. If you let the puppies walk in your room, then remove all wires from the floor, do not let the puppies crawl under the furniture and do not leave them unattended. To ensure that puppies’ movements are correct and sure, they must move along a dense, non-slippery surface.

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