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Advices about Beagle Dog Skin Problems

Beagle Skin Disease

Beagle dog skin problems can be caused by various diseases. When your dog got such problems, you start to look for advice on the Internet and forums, it is better not to start self-medicating and experiments on your pet. The fact is there are many causes of skin problems, and your experiments may lead to bad consequences.

Various diagnostic analyses will help to determine the cause of the problems and to prescribe the right treatment. Some injuries have dermatological nature, while others are the demonstration of internal organs diseases.

Beagle Itchy Red Skin

Beagle itchy red skin is a result of excessive irritability of the skin. It can spread throughout the body. The animal scratches itself with teeth and claws, rubs against the door jambs, the edges of tables and other objects – until the blood appears from the affected area. Causes of itching can be: demodicosis, plague (infectious disease, decreased the immunity), contact dermatitis, eczema and etc. Infectious diseases must also be treated with the participation of a veterinarian, antibiotics and necessary analyzes are indispensable in this case.

There are beagles prone to skin allergies. Symptoms of allergies: skin rashes, itching, redness and swelling. Symptoms most often can be found on the muzzle and ears, paws and stomach. Food allergy is one of the rarest types. Usually, this allergy occurs on some kind of protein. Most often on chicken and beef, less often – on a turkey, calf, duck and rabbit. Treatment of food allergies begins with a change of ration. The reaction to external stimuli as pollen, dust, mold, even grass is called atopic dermatitis and it is the most common type. Usually occurs between the ages of 10 months to three years. Atopic dermatitis can not be cured, you can only make the dog’s life more comfortable. Sometimes prevention or relocation helps. For example, if a dog is allergic to dust, the symptoms can be reduced by frequent cleaning, replacing carpets or moving to the countryside.

Beagle Skin Problem

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